The KM 120/150 R propane powered ride-on sweeper with dual side-brushes uses the overthrow principle, i.e. the roller brush throws the dirt up and back into the dirt container. At the push of a button on the control panel, the user can switch from fixed to floating main sweeper roller (and vice versa). It automatically switches to the low-wear, fixed position when the machine is switched off. This increases the durability of the roller brush and reduces the sweeping costs. All of the sweeping functions are controlled, the raising and lowering of the main sweeper roller and the two side brushes are controlled using a single dial. When leaving the driver's seat, which is fitted with a seat contact mat, or switching off the motor, the main sweeper roller and the side brushes are lifted automatically. The wheel motor's electro-magnetic brake ensures the machine's stability. The main roller brush may be replaced without tools. A coarse dirt flap is integrated in front of the roller and activated with a foot pedal. The effective round filter system with 97 ft² filter area and automatic filter cleaning function ensures dust-free operation. The hydraulic lift waste container with 40 gallon capacity.

Karcher KM 120 LPG Sweeper

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