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Schwarze Supervac Gale Force

The Schwarze SuperVac Gale Force,  mounted on a gas or diesel powered cab over chassis, has a durable fully welded stainless steel hopper that is high corrosion & abrasion resistance with increased structural strength.

The Gale Froce has all LED safety lighting, stainless steel hopper, external stainless steel inspection door latches, hydraulic lift dump door, and a large hopper clean out door. Superior sweeping performance is provided by a 68-HP diesel auxiliary engine, the industry leading Schwarze WhisperWheel Fan Technology, and optional dual gutter brooms.


Standard Sweeper Equipment:

  • Twin Engine Design

  • 4.8 Cubic Yard Hopper, Fully Welded

  • 68 HP Yanmar Diesel  Auxiliary Engine

  • Large Rear Tool Boxes

  • 82-Inch Sweeping Swath

  • Dual Hopper Access Doors

  • Whisper Wheel 30-Inch Radial Turbine Blower

  • 10-Inch Pressure and Intake Tubes

  • Sweeps In Reverse

  • Leaf Bleader Air Flow Adjustment

  • Drivers Side Pickup

  • Back Up Alarm

Optional Sweeper Equipment:

  • Single or Dual Gutter Brooms

  • Gutter Broom TIlt

  • Preasurized Dust Suppression System

  • Choice of Gas or Diesel Powered Chsasis

  • Special Paint

  • Stainless Steel Hopper

  • Hopper Huskit Shroud

  • Front Mounted Magnet Bar

  • Amber Beacon

  • Stobe Light Kit

  • Additional Flood Lights

Standard Chassis Equipment:

  • 2016  Isuzu NPR 6.0L Gas Chassis

  • 14,500 LB GVWR

  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

  • AM/FM/USB Stereo

  • Rear Vision Camera System

  • Air Conditioned Cab

  • Power Windows

  • Power Door Locks

  • Tilt Steering Column

  • Cruise Control

  • Cloth Seats

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